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Download the UKBWAP and associated data

Document Downloads

UKBWAP Narrative (2 MB) Last Update 3/19/2021

UKBWAP Appendices (All, 8 MB) Last Update 07/29/2022


Download Appendices Separately:

Appendix A - Restoration Guide (Restoration Guide Table, Riparian Management Guide, and Beaver Dam Analog Guide (1.5 MB)

Appendix B - Monitoring Framework (<1 MB)

Appendix C - Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Plan (<1 MB)

Appendix D - Interactive Reach Prioritization Tool Methods Development (6.5 MB)

Data Downloads

Data will be available to download soon. In the meantime, please email us using the Contact Us page and we will alert you when data downloads are ready. 

Upper Klamath Basin Watershed Action Plan

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